Rebecca Pennell

Rebecca Pennell – Pioneer for Women’s Equal Rights

Rebecca Pennell’s Legacy

“After her retirement from teaching Mrs. Dean rounded out her years at the home of her nephew, Henry Blake, on a hill overlooking Lake Owasso, near St. Paul.”

“On the second story of the Blake home her lares and penates were gathered – collections that mirrored the life she had led. She was surrounded now by tangible reflections of her past. She could pick up a seal that had been her father’s, a lace flounce that had been her mother’s, and be transported back to the early days in Franklin, Massachusetts. She could turn to an ivory paper holder that had once belonged to her Uncle Horace Mann, or the pearl handled fruit knife that had been her husband’s, and the turbulent days of Yellow Springs would flood back in memory…seated at her mahogany writing desk, she could reflect upon objects that were testimony to her life work – her geological collection, her solar microscope, her magnifying glasses, her anatomical drawings, her books.”

Madeleine B. Stern, We the Women РCareer Firsts of Nineteenth-Century America 

Scandal in the plant taxonomy world


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